[Question] Vanced says there is no internet connection, more in comments

This sounds like sense, but it isn't clear what you mean:

The reason why everyone is getting this is because of Googles new password verification process where you now have to have your phone in hand and verify the number. To fix this however you have to install everything and reinstall it.

What do you mean 'have your phone in hand'?

Why everything? Micro g and Vanced? Uninstall them first?

Make sure to clear the phone restart because installing again.

What do you mean? What does 'clear the phone restart' actually mean?

When you install micro make sure that you sign into the account and use the new Google verification process. If it doesn't come up it won't work. This was the only thing that fix this issue on my device.

What does that mean? Sign into Google? Sign into YouTube?

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