[QUESTION] Warped necks on Jag and Tele - warranty, replacement, repair, etc?

One thing I learned on my American Pro Strat was the truss rod, from the factory, was not set right AT all. The neck was warped/twisted really bad and I thought it was broken. Turns out since its a double action truss rod, you can actually fix the neck yourself. So I kept turning it for a while (I think I did like 3 complete turns) and it finally tightened back up and straightened the neck out and its been perfect since.

As for your Tele, I would definitely look into the warranty thing. My Strat was still under warranty too but thankfully I managed to fix it on my own.

They like to talk about Gibson QC a lot but I gotta say I've had similar bad luck with Fender as well and I don't even really know if my issue was a QC issue but the truss rod was never set right thats for damn sure and I never had a guitar from the factory (especially over $1000) with a twisted neck out of the case. Other than that, the guitar is awesome.

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