Question. What does the bible say about the meaning of life?

I must say very un-Christian.

Not Christian. But given your in depth knowledge of Christ's teaching, this opinion carries so much weight /s You can tack on ad hominem to your list of atrocities.

although he could have created us perfectly and all praising him to the end of days he choose not to.

Although? Hmmn. You will have to demonstrate that this is so. I mean, you might want to proof out why you think this is the case and not just assert it because it conveniently works to further your argument.

Not enough for god to just have his adoring companions created, he choose to give his creation with freewill.

This is you reasoning from ignorance since you don't seem to have a clue what you are talking about. Do yourself a favor and try to educate yourself on these matters before letting your ego get the best of you. Before you reject something and form some frivolous opinion about it, fight your indolence and come to a firm understanding of it first. Then you may reject it, but for heavens sake know what you are rejecting first. This and your other statements only reflect a deep ignorance for the topic.

He then upped the anti by creating logic and love and pain and war and all sorts of intricacies to test his creation.

??? What are you talking about? I suppose He also gave those who are successful their wealth and success and didn't give it to others who are unsuccessful, right? I mean through no actions of theirs did they arrive at their situation, all if it is just happening to them. In one breath you cite free will, then in the other you cite helpless victim of the circumstances which by the way you created with your own free will??!?

Unless you are insisting that your Lord be a nanny? That He should dedicate Himself to your service so that whatever nonsense you are up to with your free will, He must take care that no harm from the consequences of your own actions ever inconveniences you. So that you may carry on living your life without care or thought about the effects of your actions on yourself, others, and your environment?

Let me ask you, can you please give me one reference, citation, anything about the Creator starting a war? Or is this just something you didn't really think much about before blurting out?

The rest of your post reads the same. A long-winded rant about matters for which you demonstrate very little understanding of but simply repeat/recycle things which you have probably picked up from others.

Did you have an actual point, a formal argument in any of this?

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