Questions about the corps

I think the Corps has changed since I was there, but it's a huge time commitment. This was my experience but granted this was like 8 years ago so YMMV.

You'll be living in the same dorm as your outfit and your roommate (ole lady) will be we well. You'll basically be up at around 5:30 AM every day for morning PT (physical training) and then after that morning drill and food. Depending on your outfit, this could be a living hell as well, at least as a fish.

Typically between 8 am and 4 pm you're free for classes; if you have a later one you'll have to get an approved pass. Around 4:30 is afternoon PT, then evening drill and dinner at Duncan (which again, could be a living hell depending on outfit).

Then its call to quarters and you sit in your room and study from 7-9 pm then they usually call for lights out; but if you need to stay up later for school work you out a red card on your door and they're not supposed to bug you.

As for how it looks on a resume it doesn't really matter imo. I doubt the corps will be a make or break for you. But if you do want to commission as an officer into the military then yes, the corps provides advantages to this and it's advisable. Are you set on going into the military? If so then the corps might be worth it. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it at all. It's a shitty experience and you're supposed to enjoy college.

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