Questions about different Osmo products (Osmo, osmo mobile, Osmo pocket)

I use an iPhone X and I had the Osmo Mobile (1st Gen) as well as a GoPro 6 Black with the 3 way stick and all kind of accessories. I sold the GoPro along with the Osmo Mobile as soon as I saw the first video of the Osmo Pocket.

Here’s why; I’m a simple dad of a family and all I wanted to do was to record my family trips, vacations and I was never be able to achieve that like how I wanted.

iPhone X alone: Any recording with a slight touch of action (I have a little son), you end up with a shaky video due to OIS

iPhone X with the Osmo Mobile: Too big to carry, too much thing to charge, too obvious in crowds. I always felt weird others looking at me while holding the Osmo Mobile

GoPro 6: Any kind of recording, you end up with shaky videos. Also, FOV is too wide at 4k resolution. I started to hate the distortion you get.

Would those issues be solved with a little work on computer? Most probably, but I have no time for that. I just cut and join videos using iMovie on my iPhone and be done with it.

Osmo Pocket hopefully will solve all issues that I listed above. Already ordered so let’s see.

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