Questions about Full Sail University.

Frankly put, you need to do more research. It is a big decision and you have to know what you are getting into.

Others here have remarked on a lot of points (Money, Time dedication, credits transferring…) so I’ll harp on something else. What are you intending to get out of the degree?

Full Sail offers a bunch of courses that are video game related. There is game art where you primarily study the visual aspects of games (drawing, modeling, texturing...) with game artist positions being the intended entry level position. There is game development where you primarily study programming with programmer positions being the intended entry level position. There is game design (online degree) where you primarily learn design principles and scripting with level design or junior designer positions being the intended entry level positions. There is also a graduate degree for game production where you primarily learn project management and the more business side of the game industry with associate producer being the intended entry level position. Then there are lots of courses that are tangentially related to games (entertainment business, creative writing, simulation...)

Though all of these are game industry positions they all have different career paths and jumping between them with the other degree will take quite a bit of experience outside of the degree. Also the market for jobs on each of these is different out of practical means (most game teams need multiple dedicated programmers and artists but rarely need multiple designers and producers). From your edit it sounds like you want to take the online course in game design but then your experience seems like you are looking for game development. Does that match up with what you want to do for your career for several years after graduation (until you have enough experience to do something else)?

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