Questions about QBs in the 2020 draft

I would venture to guess Jalen Hurts or Bryce Perkins. In the past couple drafts the team had interest in Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson (although as a WR, but still) and Lynn has shown a propensity towards mobile, African-American QB's like Taylor and Jones. So with those patterns Hurts and Perkins both fit the bill: Mobile, athletic, African-American.

Hurts would most likely be a 2nd round picks and Perkins probably a 4-5 round pick. I would honestly prefer Perkins as he has shown a lot of heart and determination in leading Virginia, especially the reports of the football team over the past few years having a toxic attitude even going as far as to tell teammates not to play well so they didn't have to play a bowl game. We need a player like Perkins who has the natural ability to lead and rally his team through adversity.

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