questions for atheists

  1. i think my problem is with that is that a religion can offer answers so it wouldn't be a bigger mystery, it would be answers to your questions. the reason that i lean more towards belief in a higher power over anything is because as we don't have answers now it seems to be the most plausible since a God does not have to abide by the rules we know and logic so it is more acceptable. but i can understand just saying idk and leaving it at that for now
  1. i can understand that, i guess!!! for me there just isn't enough things that cannot be explained without a God in my opinion. a lot of things are just very complex and the way they are designed... it feels more plausible to me that intelligent creation makes more sense then a bunch of specific stuff happening by chance so that is one of the reasons I believe in a higher power. not really presenting a question here so u dont really need to reply unless you have any additional statements on that point

(copied and pasted since you and the other commenter appear to have similar replies but curious to hear more in case they differ)

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