Quick answers please: if you were hiding naked in your boss’s bathroom because you dramatically misinterpreted her invitation to her home and your clothes were in the other room, what course of action would you take?

a situation that almost happened to me last week

You almost sexually harassed your boss last week by getting naked for no reason? And decided to use that to make up a story to farm attention and karma That's somehow better?

and also a lot of “ew you’re like a wannabe rapist” comments.

I mean, if I walked into my room and saw a naked man there, coworker or not my first thought wouldn't be "Oh, this guy gives a shit about signals and consent."

I’m sorry I forgot people aren’t allowed to have a little fun

TIL making up stories about almost sexually assaulting your boss is "having a little fun." In a climate where people go through social media accounts to find out where people work in order to get them fired for sexual misconduct.

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