Quick Giants briefing

  1. It's hard to blame specific people in the front office/owners. It's a classy organization and they will never throw anyone under the bus. Farhan this year didn't hire a GM so there was no mistake who was running the team. As to Owners, apparently Larry Baer is no longer calling the shots, but really. Nobody knows, so it's hard to blame anyone in specific. They delivered 3 titles in the last couple years. Can't complain.
  2. My Greatest Giants memory is Brain Wilson striking out Howard to clinch the NLCS in game 6 of the NLCS. For me this was a bigger moment because I feared Philly. Beating Philly, I knew we would get past Texas. I even had the number of games down to 5. The World Series was much easier for us. The LCS was tough and we weren't suppose to win it. Much respect to Texas though. I was rooting for them in 2011, but I knew we had it when we beat Philly.
  3. Will Clark, Candy Maldonado, Matt Williams in that order
  4. Fans or team traditions? Don't know. They change a lot. In the old days Giants fans from Social media would get together and meet at games. I think that was pretty cool, but nobody does that anymore and if they do it's close groups of friends.
  5. Dodger Fans are actually pretty cool. I like to see the Dodgers lose, but I don't do the whole F thing or get in disputes with Dodger fans. I just ignore the idiots like I do with fellow Giants Fans who are up to no good.

Do you know the History between the Giants and Baltimore? Back in the early 1900s the original Baltimore Os who are now the NY Yankees got mad at the NY Giants for stealing their players. They went up to MLB and asked to move to NY. The only ones who disagree were the Giants. The O's end up moving to NY and later change their name to the Yankees. Their goal in life was to make the Giants life hell. In the early going they failed, but when they started winning, well you know the rest. The Giants and Dodgers end up leaving NY and here we're are :)

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