Quick question about the Kenly College expedition

Are there more enemies? I only did the Investigation for the Chemical Tank in the Metro and it was quite underwhelming.

the 'Story' difficulty and lack of enemies made it feel unnecessarily boring.

These aren't missions and I don't see the need to do them again, so it's a bummer that we do these Investigations once and it's on Story difficulty. Maybe if it was on Challenging it would be a little more fun, but it mainly felt like i was pointlessly wandering around an empty area opening Outcast crates.

I didn't mind because i was low of resources and just running around Metro filled up almost all my resources but after 5 minutes of running around looting (and not shooting) it gets boring.

Do the other encounters at least have more enemies? (Not that it would really matter since the Story difficulty but just curious).

the final area of the Zoo mission was great and full of enemies (even on story you could see how it would be tough on Heroic), while the Expedition, unless a Hunter shows up at the end, I dont see how this could ever be difficult.

the hardest part was wandering around long enough until the game realized i was stuck and just gave me the indicators on where to go.

I think the Expeditions have promise but it needs more action.

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