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the ultimate motivation for both attacks is a tribal one. people dont join a gang because they want to make money. people join a gang to belong to something. they are tired of being 14 and getting jumped by the same dudes in their neighborhood every week. or their uncle or cousin or brother got killed by a rival gang. and the majority of gang violence is retaliatory in its nature, or in other words, tribal. people commit mass shootings because they are alienated and lashing out against the tribe they feel wronged them -- that tribe can be a race or a gender or a sexual orientation or you can just happen to work at the post office that day or society in general. at the base human level the motivations are almost identical.

the same trends and forces that destroyed the black community in the 60s, 70s, and 80s are now destroying middle class, soon to be lower class, white people. the white kids dont have gangs in the streets, but they sure as shit can find some online. there are about 50 million different things that motivate a human being to act and something logical, like profit motive, is about 49 millionth on the list behind how tight their shoots felt that day and what they had for breakfast.

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