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It went beyond LSD

Yeah, LSD is only a tool to unfold human potential. The psychologist Timothy Leary was known to turn criminals into honorable members of the society by using LSD (psycholytic psychotherapy).

Through five marriages, numerous lovers, allegedly both male and female, and over 70 films, including “North by Northwest,” arguably the greatest work ever produced here, he just kept right on tripping, and why not? Before LSD was weighed down by the counter-cultural baggage of Timothy Leary turning on, tuning in, and dropping out LSD was used to treat addiction, anxiety, and depression. [GASPS] [EXHALES SHARPLY] Keep coming alive, keep coming alive Keep coming alive, keep coming alive – Oh, boy. – What do you mean, “Oh, boy”? That means this is not a good thing. Standing here in the heart Of an institution dedicated to diplomacy, I can say, from personal experience, LSD has made me significantly more enlightened, kind, considerate, and loving, and if people are more kind and loving, then the world will be, too. Honestly, do you have any idea what the hell you’re doing? There will be less crime, fewer acts of terror, more joy, more diplomacy, and far more fun. Ha, ha! Ha, ha! – Mm! – RED: Cary Grant once said after a particularly evocative LSD trip, “I imagined myself as a giant penis launching off from Earth – “like a spaceship.

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