Quin69 explains his comment using the "rape spectrum"

It's not about whether this is the world we should live in. It's a description of the world we DO live in, and it's a truth. What, you think rape is completely affective and without any consideration for physique? People chose their targets both in terms of preference and manageability, to be crudely pragmatic about this BS. It sucks, but that's how it works and while I do not have the concrete phrasing of Quin in mind, there obviously is a more nuanced take than "women dressing up are begging to get raped" hidden in there. And I bet you a million bucks that dressing attractively strictly correlates with the danger of becoming a victim, just look at the amount of target of all kinds of violent crimes targeting sex workers or small (=defenseless) kids.

That's the entire base for people being extra outraged to the point of their instincts being overridden, where you will see entire threads on reddit of people wanting to see people dead rather than rehabilitated. It's heinous because you target weak people for any reason you like, and folks being extra dumb and having no control over their urges is just the fucking cherry on top.

Solid piece of info to know, which luckily plenty of people do. The onus never shifted.

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