I quit my job and I will focus on entrepreneurship.

Thanks for your input. I noticed my post isn't 100% clear. My bad. I'll try to clear things up.

I have done research, I know what others are, and aren't doing. I also know where they get their products, etc. Nobody dropships because the industry hasn't advanced to that, but it really suits it well. Due to the product being made-to-measure and there being a lot of resellers. E.g. Producer -> Wholesale -> Wholesale -> Retail -> Consumer/Home Furnisher -> Consumer.

My business will only have Producer -> Me -> Consumer, or sometimes Producer -> Wholesale -> Me -> Consumer. Based on the dropshipping model, because I have a good connection with that particular wholesale.

I also want to freelance on the side, but I am unsure yet because that's not my end goal, it'd be to get some source of income.

I have experience with webdevelopment, marketing, analytics, customer support, and a little bit of accounting/financing. I have seen everything from how a business operates due to my last job. They were very transparent about everything. I also have a good understanding of the products that I am going to sell.

The reason I have quit my job is because I felt "stuck", and if I ever wanted to completely focus on building a business, the time would be now. I won't lack money, because I saved up quite some, and even if I will not generate any income for 2 years, I will be left with 10-20k. That would be the bottom line, and from then on I would start applying for a job and cut my losses.

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