Quit smoking campaign Stoptober backs e-cigs for first time - UK

Its good to see e cigs getting support from anti smoking groups, they help a lot of people.

When i went to quit smoking, 2 of my friends recommended e cigs and tapering down the strength of the juice as it worked well for them and they both quit that way.

I procrastinated on buying the vape/juice and ended up spending the money i was going to use for the vape on 3 grams of 3-fluoroamphetamine (a quasi-legal research chemical stimulant) instead.

I binged on the 3-FA for 6 days until it was gone, then spent the following weekend in bed sleeping, eating, and weeping softly to myself.

I ran out of cigs on the 2nd day of my binge and didn't buy anymore. After the binge and crash, I was over the worst of the nicotine withdrawals and just didn't start smoking again.

its good to see vapes getting attention for helping people to quit smoking, they helped 2 of my friends quit and Im glad that vapes are available for the people who don't find success with the other methods like cold turkey, nicotine gum, the patch, or the bath salts binge methods.

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