Quitting Due to Chest Pain, Arm Numbness and Sleep Issues

Day 39 CT - STATUS UPDATE. I have started and deleted this post several times over the last month. Mainly because I wanted to have nothing but good news to share. Instead I have to say it has been challenging, but the light at the end of the tunnel is looking brighter. I am seeing improvements in all areas. I just didn’t expect it to take so long. I’m still not there. Here’s some of what is going on. I was a 2 year, daily 10 g user. I quit CT 24 Feb 2020.

Sleep was the first thing to improve. It was about a week after quitting CT. It became easier to fall asleep and I could sleep through the night. Better sleep was key in managing my attitude and keeping focused.

I don’t have night sweats anymore. I got them for a few weeks after quitting, also my heart would be racing for no reason sometimes. I’m feeling calmer now.

The chest pains (the worst thing I’ve ever felt) are subsiding in intensity. For the first time in 6 mos, I’m starting to jog again. I still have to stop when the tightness comes, but I’m going farther now. I can fast walk 2 miles, nearly pain free. Before I was feeling pain walking 3 city blocks. I’m tentatively optimistic that the poison is working its way out of my system.

I don’t know why it affected me this way. I know people who consume, but have no apparent side effects. It’s a complex substance and we’re all unique. I may be in a small percentage of people that experience this effect but it has been at least a year of stolen fitness, curbing aerobic games, avoiding hiking and general anxiety about possible heart conditions.

I can’t say it’s totally gone. But at 39 days I can report it’s getting better. I wanted to make some tea last night and see how it feels after all this time (extremely tempting at times), but I’m still resisting. I want to see this through and be running 4-5 miles without much effort as I have for the last 30 years of my life. I hope to get there.

My skin is clearer, my hair is thicker (or it’s the lack of a recent haircut due to quarantine), my resting heart rates are dropping back into the 60’s. I feel mentally aware at work again (I took a long holiday in my head). I’m considering people and relationships more valuable. I’m back at a few of my hobbies that I hadn’t realized I quit.

I could name other things but suffice it to say it’s a journey worth the effort. Hang in there everyone who is quitting. Thanks for participating in this thread, it’s been a great help to me!

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