Quora thread exposes why the Indian husband feels household work is for wife

You seem to be incredibly immature & you'd better function as a psuedo intellectual writer focused for superficial social networks like Quora, but not for the real life.

what I said in my parent comment has depth. I have given it a lot of thought rather than 'meh, I am a feminist, Ill ignore that my husband is a Manager & has to slog for 12hrs daily and I'll still make him work because meh where is it written that men should not work in homes"

if you, as a woman marry someone who earns 5x then it is NOT the miney but the time & energy that the person spends on the job. Do you have any idea about the responsibilities of a person earning 20lpa at office?

no, but why would you care right? as far as you consider, he just watches Youtube for the whole day right?

yeah but "financial contribution isn't quantifiable!"

true, but then, you should understand that there is never going to be total equality. A man isn't going to sprout a womb & be pregnant.

men do what men do; women do what women do.

You live in a stupid part of the world where any rational argument against your narrow minded point of view gets labelled as misogynistic.

No, I'll work at home despite the salary differences as long as my wife isn't a snob & insensitive about the work I di. I'll work at home out of love & compassion and not because she wants to prove her psuedo feminist twisted point of view.

Grow up.

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