This quote from EA in June did not age well.

you're right. so why bother adding woman in the first place? they can't even see themselves in game.

Because the "100th fucking grizzled stubble-covered veteran" trope was old and they wanted to try something different? Or, alternatively, to give females playing a bit-part female actress someone to relate to? Who the fuck cares? Battlefield has never been about historical accuracy, so it's beyond me why people are suddenly clamoring for an authentic historical account in a game where you can, in almost every iteration, jump out of any plane going any speed and rocket someone out of the sky as you parachute safely down to the ground.

The only reason a woman being included was a big deal was because people reacted like it was. And holy shit did they react.

I just can't wait until fucking Battlefield V either fails or people start forgetting about it, because Jesus Christ I'm sick of seeing neckbeards jerk off to the fact that it's selling badly because they equate a bit-part female character in a functionally "pretty much the same, but now with no DLC" game as "SJWs ruining everything!"

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