/r/all has not seen Robert Mueller in over a month. You know what to do.

...accompanied by chicken tenders. Almost ritual-like, an incel's day consists of three things in this specified order. Self-hatred, and the aforementioned anime and foodstuffs. They may also stray from this routine when in need of interaction with fellow incels. This is when they log on to reddit and visit /r/incels. It is the incel's lair within their lair.

It is said that if a non-incel enters /r/incels, he will be greeted by a hostile pack, who will proceed to curve their bodies in a hostile attempt to gain an advantageous position from a state of anxiety, against the "normie," as they have classified their intruder. Further classification can stem from prolonged interaction. Incel brains, given enough time, can identify a woman. If they deem the woman attractive and confident, primitive incel title "femoid" is used as a derogatory. If they deem the woman unattractive and awkward, they accept her as a fellow incel, in an act of unprecedented sympathy. The incel's main predator is their mating competitor. The "chad," as such classified by an incel brain is a man with above average attractiveness and confidence. All anger from within an incel soul, if one is present, is directed at these "chads". They are said to hold all blame for the incel's failures and misfortunes...

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