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There’s this guy who gave his 3-year-old niece beer and thought without her parents’ permission, I lost braincells while reading his post lol

AITA for giving a three year old beer?

Yeah it sounds bad but it really was an innocent thing. I was at a cookout with my wife's family and I just opened up a cold one. My wife's three year old neice asked me what I was drinking, and I told her it was beer. She asked to taste it, so I poured her like a tenth of a sip into a plastic cup thinking it will be bitter for her, but, well, she liked it.

She wanted more and I told her it was a grownup drink but it was too late. She ran around demanding to drink more beer for the entire cookout, she wouldn't eat anything, just demanded beer, and they had to put her in a time out.

Anyway, the inlaws are mad now and the wife isn't happy. So AITA?

Edit: the kids are given watered down wine on shabbas if it's relevant

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