/r/anime Karma & Poll Ranking | Week 2 [Spring 2022]

I'm not super surprised about the outcomes at the top. Spy x Family ep2 introduced the other half of the romance that will in all likelihood develop over the season, and Yor is a delight. Even Franky got in on the action, which I'm grateful for since I had thought he'd be a one-off character.

Meanwhile, the second Kaguya episode was... just, kinda off this week. The first chapter felt like nothing really happened. The second chapter was downright hilarious watching Shirogane squirm, and had a clear through-line to the third chapter, but the drama didn't have a satisfying resolution (or motive, imo) and its resolution hinged on retreading an old plot point.

Side note: the outro sequence for Kaguya has some awesome parallels to the one from S1, which was cool to see.

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