/r/banpitbulls mod posts that white women have sex with dogs. Mod claims they're not racist. The comments go wild

I’m so happy someone brought this up. I would love to talk about this.

My theory is that It IS a class issue. Chows, Dalmatians and Standard Poodles are knowingly some of the most asshole dogs out there. Their temperament is not that of a sweet cuddly Pomeranian. They’re dicks. How often do you see these types of dogs in the shelters? Hardly ever. They’re a $ breed and therefor only people with $ tend to adopt them. Now think about the local shelters, they’re all bully breed or look alikes mostly. If the most accessible type of breed to the larger % of the population is a bully breed then that makes up a majority of statistics because - that’s all you can go off of. Low income houses, middle range income families are most likely going to adopt form a shelter and most likely not have the $ to train the dog.

Now are there the occasional exceptions to the rule- yes. There are rich people who go to shelters, middle class/low income who save for a breeder. However, I truly believe if we gave people access to better alternatives for keeping their dog (since that’s what’s filling up shelters is medical cases, seniors, unwanted) if possible - it could change a LOT for everyone. Training, education, medical cost help. It could really change a lot of lives. But again, I’m open for discussion!

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