/r/boardgames Daily Discussion and Game Recommendations (August 03, 2019)

Considering the game has been on clearance and sale as low as $35, and that the first month has a significant spoiler, I'd just play it solo. If you can find a buyer, I would stress that there have been some significant changes to the board already. No one wants to be fooled into buying something and realizing that they're buying something that has changes that might hurt their experience.

The rule of thumb seems to be at least half the MSRP, but this feels like a different beast with the legacy aspect.

If you can get that, that'd be great, but like I said it's been $35 on Amazon many times. I personally think it's...I can't think of a better word, but kind of crummy of you to sell it to someone for $35. If you get a bite, that's good, but I think it's taking advantage of someone.

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