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Hi. I am banned on r/antinatalism , even though I am an Efilist Anti-Natalist myself, and I feel this ban for a first "offense", should that be the case, seems a bit harsh. I would like you to unban my account = https://www.reddit.com/user/AlexAbdollah

The moderators should read my response first before banning me for "harassing" a user with criticism. My response was not a spam, and I was only making sure @The_Ebb_and_Flow would understand that all Natalists/Breeders/parents are in fact criminals and murderers. Are people scared of criticism? Is this what every user does when they lose an argument? They report me, and let the moderators abuse their moderator wand to ban me without reading my responses?

Most people I have known on internet, only post inflammatory and off-topic messages, and most online debates (specially online where there is no self moderation involved and trolls get away with everything) descend into being banned or continuing a digital screaming and impudence that rarely bring new light to a topic. Now I am banned from r/antinatalism, the only place where I belong?

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