/r/Catholicism is not happy it's Pride Month

I kind of love arguing with you. It's so fucking funny to see you pathetically scramble to misinterpret my words as inventively as you possibly can, in order to make me look irrational, so you can easily dismiss me. Weak as hell, spiritual_cowboy.

Try again, and much harder this time, you absolute fucking bitchboi.

Lmao this is so cringe you're gonna look back on this in 5 years and shudder at how many people laughed at you on the internet. The only one being fucked with is you, you keep writing paragraph responses to my one liners and making a fool of yourself. I'm not dismissing you there was never a real argument to begin with, you can keep telling yourself you're right all you want but it's not gonna change a single person in this subs mind. I guess you're just a glutton for cringe

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