r/Chicago's Weekly Casual Conversation & Questions Thread - November 02, 2020

buy a mattress container, then pull all your bedding and put it straight into a trash bag, tie it off and bring it straight to the wash. Dry on high heat. Pay very close attention, and there is a good chance you will seei e bugs. If not, look for evidence of bugs on your mattress. Based on your welts, it is likely you will see reddish or brownish blood stains, but also look for insect shells or shell fragments. any of the above is clear evidence of bed bugs and you should notify your landlord. if they drag their feet one bit, you can consider waking away from your building. Talk to your neighbors. If your landlord does not disclose to the folks who live in the units on either side of you and above and below, they are shady as fuck and I would consider bailing.

It is definitely possible to move out of a mild infestation without trashing all of your stuff and without bringing them with you, and your landlord is super unlikely to chase you. If this seems like the move you need to make, I can give you some pretty good advice.

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