/r/Communism is openly denying the Soviet Genocides, Mao's Genocides, and blaming the Tiananmen Square protests on the Students and needs to be banned.

I upvoted because I think this is an unpopular opinion on reddit, but it's a rather popular opinion outside reddit.

I will say that I was an edgy "communist" in college and after. My dad's family had fled the Soviet Union, so I was definitely a "but that's not REAL communism" apologist, which was my form of teenage rebellion. I've had a pretty unfair hand dealt to me post-recession, so I'm ground zero for communist propaganda, but I realized that I could support a wide social safety net without banning private property or using violence and coercion to make sure everyone is bought into the ideology. Honestly, I think the people who support communism support its underlying philosophy without totally understanding what it is and that it is not just 'we should address inequality better' nor 'the bourgeoisie suck!' nor 'Medicare for all!' nor anything that lots of people would easily agree with.

I still align primarily with the left with a few authoritarian tendencies, but I think that well-regulated capitalism tends to allow for more freedom all while maintaining a healthy economy and supporting healthy personal worth/personal growth.

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