/r/Dallas COVID-19 Megathread Part II

Same happened to me today. Headache, cant get a full breath of air, dry cough, waking up to cold sweats but no fever. I've been in contact with 100s of international travelers in the past week. Dr tested for flu, strep, pneumonia, which all came back negative. Said my only other option would be to go to the ER, but unless I had traveled myself within the past 2 weeks, it come into contact with a confirmed case, then I would not be eligible for a test. What is insane to me is how could I possibly know who has it when they haven't tested anyone for it, and they wont test me for it because I haven't come into contact with a confirmed case, yet they arent doing the necessary testing to confirm any cases! This nasty catch 22 is going to bite us in the ass and if my Dr visit taught me anything today, it's that we're all fucked. Lockdown is coming, numbers will skyrocket when adequate testing is made available to the public.

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