/r/DarkSouls: Fashion Friday.

I'm (planning to) cosplay Gothic1's band of brothers. It's pretty fucking hard to make decent faces is DS1 though, all of my black people turn out to be indians and all my hispanics turn out to be yellow peril caricatures.

Milten(Fire Mage): Robe of the Great Lord, Waistcloth of the Channelers, Black Iron Gauntlets, Partizan, Pyromancy Flame, Tin Banishment Catalyst, Wolf Ring. This is a DEX/Pyro build with a bit of INT and 28 attunement. Robe of the Great Lord and Waistcloth of the Channelers connect so nicely that they look like one big old mage robe.

Gorn(Axe Guy): Knight Armor, Giants, Giants, BKGA, Heavy Crossbow, FAP/OpenSlot. This is a midroll build that I'm remaking because my current iteration of Gorn got greedy and got 65 Endurance to fastroll in Giants/Knights/Knights with FaP/Havel, which forced me to skimp on STR.

Nameless Hero(Hueg Sword guy): Still undecided. The main problem is that the only swords that looks somewhat look like Urizel are the two Greatswords of Artorias, plus Abyss Greatsword, and those all require enough stat investment to basically necessiate an SL135 build.

Diego(Bow/Sword guy): Hard Leather Armor, Leather Gauntlets, Black Iron Leggings, Silver Knight Straight Sword/Black Bow of Pharis or Longsword/Longbow, Wolf/FaP rings. Kinda wanted him to flip, but that would basically necessiate Smough/Havel/HSWC pieces, so fuck it. This is a pure DEX/Quality build

Lester(Stoner guy): Still undecided on Armor. Going to be a STR/Faith build.

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