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Hello, I have bought 1 Enemy Controller, and 1 Union Attack with the free Daily SR tickets I have got. I have one more, but I don't know what I should get with it. As a new F2P player, what would be more important? I don't even know if I should be dueling actual players or not. I'm currently at Stage 15, my main goal is to be able to make an auto dueling deck to farm at least lvl 30 LD's with high scores.

Currently my deck has 3x Mechanicalchaser, 3x Gagagigo, 3x Mystic Swordman Lv4, 2x Mystic Swordsman Lv6,1x Neo Bug, 1x Dark Blade, 1x Enemy Controller, 1x Luck Iron Axe, 1x Banner of Courage, 1x Block Attack, De-Spell, Metalmorph, and Shield Spear.

I've spent like 5800 gems mainly on the Servents of Kings box, with 1kish of that going towards the Echoes of Silence Box. But now, I just don't really know where I should be aiming.

Sorry for my improper grammar, I just put commas and shit where I think they should go.

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