The /r/eu4 Imperial Council - Weekly General Help Thread: April 8 2019

Im doing the mewar never changes achievement and one of the last missions requires you to have a lvl 3 center of trade in a province, but I already have 2 lvl 3 centers of trade for the 2 merchants I have.

Is it worth it to downgrade the CoT and upgrade one fore the mission or should I pick trade/expansion ideas for more merchants at admin tech 18?

ideas so far are Quantity, Admin. , Quality, Economic (for the 120%, 125% discipline missions)

I might want to form bharat and go for the sun never sets on the indian empire achievement afterwards so this is more of a mid to longterm decision. If I stopped playing Id definetely downgrade a center and upgrade the one for the mission.

With mewar going for space marines is obviously more fun, so its apparent that e.g. offensive would be more entertaining, but downgrading a lvl3 coT feels terrible so what would you do?

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