r/FE7v2.5 Character Edits Thread

Name: Vaida to Francine

Description: A soldier from a faraway land. Loves to travel and hates magic.

Class Change: Wyvern Lord > Wyvern Rider to Soldier > Halbeirder (If you can do that) if not uh, Soldier > Cav > Paladin

Since iirc the base promotion from Soldier is like a tier 0 class.

Thank you in advance if you can. Sorry about the troubles.


Boon: Skill, holy shit Vaidas got horrid skill growth.

Bane: Luck one useless stat into another one


Portrait: Here

Palette: 5453FF7FFF6FBD2ED32DFF272B7E445DDE7F397F736EEF5D9873D15E0C46A514 (Paladin)

If you use/get halberdiers just use the generic one.

Special request:

Obviously the halberdier class. Other then that, if you could -5 HP growth and put +5 to skill that'd be great and -5 luck to put into defense? If not that is fine, just feels a little more IC for her :).

I can also help with writing supports for Francine if needed.

Just a suggestion as well, a discord server might be very helpful for prompt notifications.

Thanks again for doing this and sorry about being late!

I just realised where Vaida spawns on her maps after writing this up... Gdi.


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