The r/FIFA Daily Discussion Thread -- November 24, 2021

How do people get fun out of being absolute bellends.

Played against a guy here's how the game went:

3rd Min: Cross Goal which my keeper does fuck all about 10th Min: Bruno Fernandes tackles me without touching the ball leading to a goal 15th Min: 3 down to lopes moving out the way 40th Min: Keane gets a nice chip goal back

2nd half

56th min: Keane scores another game looks to be going my way 80th min: The final equaliser, from once again Keane

88th min the ball bounces randomly after I tackle his morientes and lopes goes down to the ground when it's in the air resulting in a winner that I had nothing I could do to stop it

Guy proceeds to pass around the back and then take the piss messaging me and all

What fun is there in this?

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