r/food is arguing whether a chicken burger deserved to be known as a burger.

Here's the thing. You said a "chicken sandwich is a burger."

Is it in the same family? Yes. No one's arguing that.

As someone who is a top chef who studies burgers, I am telling you, specifically, in the culinary arts, no one calls chicken sandwiches burgers. If you want to be "specific" like you said, then you shouldn't either. They're not the same thing.

If you're saying "burger family" you're referring to the taxonomic grouping of sandwiches, which includes things from grilled cheese to patty melts to reubens .

So your reasoning for calling a chicken sandwich a burger is because random people "call the sandwiches burgers?" Let's get BLTs and meatball subs in there, then, too.

Also, calling someone a chef or a cook? It's not one or the other, that's not how taxonomy works. They're both. A chicken sandwich is a chicken sandwich and a member of the burger family. But that's not what you said. You said a chicken sandwich is a burger, which is not true unless you're okay with calling all members of the burger family burgers, which means you'd call blue flatbreads, paninis, and other sandwiches burgers, too. Which you said you don't.

It's okay to just admit you're wrong, you know?

^(copypasta shamelessly stolen from the last time this came up)

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