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title points age /r/ comnts
Going on Omegle 1077 2yrs reactiongifs 16
When reddit finds out OP is female. 282 2dys funny 35
dicks from all angles 58 9dys GifSound 2
Dicks from Every Direction 49 9dys GifSound 6
Within an hour of making an OKC profile. B 249 5mos TrollXChromosomes 30
How it feels to use Grindr in downtown Toronto during World Pride B 469 6mos gaybros 83
The final scene in every adult video with the word "group" in the title B 48 7mos funny 4
Two X right now. 550 8mos TrollXChromosomes 12
After joining OkCupid. I'm actually a little terrified... 101 9mos TrollXChromosomes 10
Request. Moar like this please. Specifically phallic shaped foods thrown at women's faces in slightly slow motion. 161 9mos ConfusedBoners 17
The gif I send my husband when i'm in the mood. 47 10mos funny 7
21 weirdest GIFs according to BuzzFeed 14 10mos WTF 6
Any time a girl tries to post something on reddit... 60 1yr funny 8
Now you're a man -6 1yr GifSound 0
What I imagine it's like for women on dating sites 5 1yr funny 1
What's that.. she's now single on Facebook? 37 1yr funny 1
SAUSAGE PARTY! 7 1yr GifSound 0
Sausagefest 8 1yr GifSound 1
So i signed up for okcupid 435 1yr TrollXChromosomes 57
What it must be like to be a female gamer. 25 1yr funny 1
Uhh Uhh Uhh. 38 1yr GifSound 1
what i imagine its like being a girl in a kik/snapchat thread 408 1yr teenagers 74
I just reactivated my account... 1291 1yr OkCupid 262
How I imagine my girlfriends night goes when out with friends. 82 1yr funny 7
How I feel coming back to school for the first time in a week... 13 1yr gifs 5
The comments section of R/Gonewild (SFW) 26 1yr funny 4
A GoneWild girl's inbox after a [f]irst post 229 1yr reactiongifs 13
Opening my OkCupid account as a single girl on Valentines day 1460 1yr reactiongifs 53
When a girl signs up for OKCupid... 164 1yr funny 9
Lemon Party | Sausage Fest 720 1yr FiftyFifty 24
How it feels to be a girl on OKCupid. 200 1yr funny 15
What it must be like to be an average to good looking girl on Reddit... 113 2yrs funny 11
When all my single friends notice the one single girl at a house party 78 2yrs gifs 7
Just had my first threesome. Went a little like this. 219 2yrs gaybros 44
How it must feel being a girl on this subreddit: 376 2yrs gaymers 74
Showing up to a party being the only girl... 1206 2yrs funny 344
What it's like being the only girl at a LAN party 1528 2yrs gifs 88
HIFW I'm 5 weeks post birth and my husband keeps asking "when can we have sex again?" 274 1yr HIFW 16
I 'shopped the hand out of the hotdogs to the face chick gif 29 1yr gifs 7
When a female redditor says something sexual in the comments. 91 1yr funny 19

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