/r/headphones Tech Support and General Help Thread (2018-02-14)

I have audio technica M50s, the pads were quite old and cracking so I bought some replacement HM5 velour pads. I noticed that it changed the sound quite a bit and now im lacking bass.

Ive looked around and read a ton of threads about people saying how they liked the pleather pads by Hm5 and lost less bass by going with that option, but I wanted to check in here to see if that would be the best option to go with? I use them to produce music, and the bass I lost from putting those pads on have made me consider buying new headphones completely (namely the Sony MDR7506s) but then I realized, it was probably due to the replacement pads.

Bottom line is, I need new pads for my Audio Technica M50s, with the best low end quality shining through as possible.

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