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  • What did you do your Bachelor's in?
  • Why and how did you choose to study Psychology? Who were and are your major influences?
  • Do you think highly of Freud?
  • What do you believe is the purpose behind Dreaming?
  • There lie thin lines of differences between multiple mental illnesses. Often a person suffering from, let's say Bipolar Disorder gets misdiagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder instead. It is essential for a practioner to resort to his/her judgment, letting go of all personal biases and not doing "what the book says is right". What is your idea of an accurate diagnosis in such a case, realising well the subjectivity of Human Bheavior?
  • ...And are you then comfortable sticking to your conclusions?
  • The alarming lack of understanding in the importance of the Social Sciences in India has resulted in professionals with an archiac outlook towards dignosis. How do you keep yourself updated with the developments in Psychology?
  • ...And what do you read, in particular?
  • It is hard to seperate monetary well-being and one's love for Knowledge. Yet it is nigh impossible to maintain a perfect balance between the two. What do you skew towards and by how much?
  • Regardless of your specialisation(s), if you were to treat only one of the two, whom would you? A male who has been subjected to childhood sexual abuse or a female that needs help regarding a severe Opiate addiction?
  • How can one get an insight into their subconscious without getting diagnosed or treated?
  • What tips; apart from regular exercise/meditation or healthier eating habits, would you recommend one who deals with severe anxiety?
  • How would you encourage young individuals to pursue a career in Psychology?
  • Without compromising on the Therapeutic Alliance, what was/is the most interesting case you've treated, and why?
  • What are your views on Euthanasia?
  • What does Death signify to you, a beginning or the end?
  • Were you honest while answering all the above?

I know you find the questions interesting. Yet I believe you might choose to ignore atleast a few, if not all. Either way, thanks for the AMA. In return, I have for you below a fantastic read

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