R/Islam trying to excuse pedophillia

So your argument essentially is that the subjectivity of morality makes this incident okay, and the inconsistencies between the laws of Western nations makes us, I don't know, wrong about limitations on maturity? Are you listening to yourself? Are you retarded?

Do you just realise how particularly cultish and fake "muh God says so thus it be moral" sounds like in lieu of the fact that you have no rational reason to justify any of this? Your god is not real. Your religion is not absolved from rationality. Morality is not real but the attributes of a cult are, a "God" only interested in serving pedophiliac straight men in the 7th century to the detriment of many but is unable to give reasons as to why it's like that beyond "suck my dick or rot in hell" is so cultish any retards burying their head in the sand for it look hilarious. And who the fuck cares about Western countries? Make 25 the age when you become eligible to have sex with 50-80 year olds, the child on the other hand was literally fucking nine. Mental maturity is what rational people asses to just consent.

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