/r/Ivermectin has been classified as NSFW as users spam horse porn to combat misinformation

Those people don’t want the vaccine, they’ve had months to get it. They lived by their decision and they can die by it. What we need to start doing is giving the vaccines to people who actually want and need it.

One more month of havoc in rural America isn’t going to create a notable increase in the amount of people getting vaccinated. Giving them to country without access to vaccines is going to create a notable increase of people getting vaccinated.

This is about logistics and getting the most people vaccinated as soon as possible so more mutations don’t appear and make our vaccines worthless. The point I’m making is it’s more efficient to sending the vaccine wherever it’s demanded the most if we want to vaccinate the most people. That’s not happening here and it’s going to waste, here’s an article on it here.

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