r/JRPG Weekly "What have you been playing, and what do you think of it?"

I've completed a few games recently so I might as well share some brief thoughts.

Tales of Arise: Arise isn't my first Tales Game but it is the first one I have completed. I started Vesperia but I have put it on hold for the time being. I think my biggest problem with Vesperia was the story, specifically, its lack of direction. While there were moments I enjoyed, It just sort of felt a bit aimless to me personally. Arise in contrast felt a lot more focused on its narrative, you had a clear goal and the path to achieving it made sense. I thought the overall story of Arise was decent but I was a little disappointed by the story's somewhat formulaic structure. The overall structure of going to a new town>seeing what the lord is up to>Lord does something bad>Beat the lord was a little predictable. Sure each lord does something different, but they all follow that basic structure with the exception of Dohalim. I don't know how to articulate my thoughts properly on this matter but I wish the individual moments in the story felt a little more dynamic. For a JRPG that seems to have a higher budget than most, I think Arise could have definitely had more intense sequences

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