R* just let us do what we want in friend sessions.

I'll be downvoted but i'll tell you what happened to me:

When the first business DLC was released me and my friends were super excited. We gave up on it when we found out it was Public session only (we hate pvp).

We slowly stopped playing the game, did just one or two supplies mission, got destroyed by random people in the session and 3 of them unninstalled the game, I kept it installed.

All the other DLC's got released and I logged in to see if we could run it without pvp, nope.

Well, a couple days ago I learned a glitch that allows you to join a public session only by yourself, I told them that it works... We could run our business missions in the city with no one to mess with us, the way we like it... NO pvp. Result: I and two others bought the 8 million Shark card, bought all the DLC business and we are having a blast.

After a while some people start getting into the session, I do the glitch again and we repeat the process.

A LOT of people just give up on playing when they work hard to steal the supplies or a high-end car and end up being blown by a random player...

STOP pushing pvp Rockstar, give us the option to run business on a private session with our friends.

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