/r/longboarding's Daily General Thread - Jan 01, 2015

I'm new to longboarding and recently got a pretty awesome used board, but I had some questions about mixing and matching the gear with other stuff.

Here's what I've got:

  • Pictures
  • A top-mount deck that's roughly 28" by 8" with a kicktail
  • Paris 50° 150mm Trucks
  • ~60mm wheels (I don't know much about them, anyone able to ID them based on the logo?)
  • No idea about the bushings, nor the bearings (but they spin pretty well), and I have bearing spacers and speed rings
  • Also, a riser in the front that's just less than a cm, and a slightly shorter riser in the back

I picked it up because it was a steal at $25, but it doesn't really ride like I wish it did. My brother and friend (coincidentally) have the same board, which is an Arbor Axis Bamboo, and the experience is overall better, you can feel less bumps, you keep rolling with less pushing, and they're much more stable going downhill.

To get around I mostly ride on flattish asphalt, and I feel a lot of the bumps, but I enjoyed going downhill on my friends' boards too.

After playing around for a while, I want a larger board, but I'd prefer not to shell out the money for a whole 'nother complete (if I don't have to). I'm mostly just here to ask what might improve my ride, if anything. Would larger wheels smooth things out and keep me rolling longer? (Do you think I have room for that, without wheelbite? I could make a project out of DIY wheel wells, too.) Would I be able to get away with a larger board with 150mm trucks?

Just looking for some general advice, I guess. I might end up reselling this stuff and go for something like what's in the gear guide, because ultimately it seems like that's the sort of ride I want, just wanted to see if I could salvage anything.

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