/r/malaysia daily random discussion and quick questions thread for September 25, 2021


i broke this word down to "a nauns men" to help this 14 year old kid pronounce it properly. and he kept saying "a saun men"

so i kept asking him to repeat it after me, i even said it one by one so he could hear how it is said

and after the 10th try, he scolded me?? 你要我怎样讲?! 对了啦你讲什么 s? (how do you want me to say this?! it's already correct what s are you talking about?) he raised his voice oh my god

and he says "oh fuck" "oh shit" everytime i ask him to form a sentence, read out loud or do grammar practices. i mean i swear too but not in every single sentence especually with a fucking tutor

thankfully it's online and i don't need to deal with him in person

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