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Sorry if I get anything wrong in this post, I'm new to Reddit.

I am a young typist really thriving to be able to learn how to type faster. Currently, I type on average about 130 words per minute on a good day without punctuation and easier words. With punctuation and harder words, I can type anywhere from 100 words per minute to around 135 words per minute.

One thing that I'm trying to figure out is if I should learn to type correctly. Even though I place all of my fingers on the home row keys, I have a very peculiar system of typing. Here is a link of me explaining how I type if anybody is interested, since it's extremely mundane: https://pastebin.com/wJfDZNZS.

Even though that link may say I type every key like that all of the time, this isn't actually the case; I usually change my fingers when typing different words. Like for example, for the word edible, I'm not going to use my middle finger twice on e and d. I'll use my middle finger and index finger. However, unless I listed a different way I type the key (which is in order of most used to least used, by the way), I type the key like that MOST of the time.

Another problem I have is whether or not I should change my keyboard layout to Dvorak, or any other layout. Dvorak technically minimizes travel distance more than any other keyboard layout overall, which could make me faster… but I honestly don't know if it's worth the time of learning it. I'm going to be getting a Logitech Cherry MX Brown switch keyboard (arguably a lot better than the Cherry MX Blue clones keyboard I have, and considered the best color switches for typing) and I need to know if switching to Dvorak is worth it. Even if I achieve a faster typing speed on Dvorak, I feel that I'm going to become worse at Qwerty, which is a lot more prevalent nowadays if I go anywhere that isn't my home with a keyboard.

Also, I tilt my keyboard clockwise when typing because it makes it slightly easier for me to type.

TL;DR (and other questions I have): 1. Should I learn the correct way to type if I already type 100–135 words per minute? 2. Should I switch to the Dvorak (or other) keyboard layout? 3. Should I tilt my keyboard when I type? 4. How far should my keyboard be from me when typing? This includes directions up, down, left, right, forward, and backward. 5. What are the ergonomics of a good typer for minimizing long-term effects and still being able to achieve your fastest possible typing speed? 6. Should I have a wrist rest for my keyboard? I personally don't think they look very comfortable, but then again I've never tried one.

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