r/Montreal, what neighbourhood do you live in? What do you love or hate about it?

I am from Villeray (born, raised, still living here 25 years later). I have a very strong relationship with my neighbourhood, since I have been here my whole life. There are the pros and cons:

Pros: 1) Quality of life is on top, with a load of parks (although some are quite small), public market right by, cycle lanes expanding and enjoyable alleys. 2) Lots of local shops, cafés and a renewing of the offer for the new generation of Villerois. 3) Diversity. Even though 76% of the population (source: census sectors, 2011) are white québécois francophones, the remaining 24% adds on a lot of cultural heritage. 4) Nice place to live forever: from youth to geriatric care, people can live together (or collectively alone, as Quebec culture is). 5) Nice apartments, mostly 2-plex and 3-plex, with some shoebox houses, and sometimes larger dwellings. People take pleasure in having nice homes, us being very much "inside" people. Front yards as much as backyards are enjoyable to look at. 6) Kids are safely enjoying the streets to play by themselves.

Cons: 1) The Saint-Gérard school. You can have the whole story online, but in brief: school was destroyed after being found contaminated. That was 3 years ago. Now the austerity-prone government does not want to fund the reconstruction upon the standards of the city (environmentally wise, as well as for heritage questions, as the school was national heritage). 2) Mayor Anie Samson. She's a right-wing stubborn no-progress woman, with very little proactivity. She has very little interest in public space projects, rather loving cars and the building of Condos. 3) Highest living density in North America (as of 2014, before it was Le Plateau Mont-Royal). This makes property prices quite high. 4) Some geriatric care hospice recently could no longer afford their backyard, so there are going to be condos built onto that, and that revolts me (this is an editorial).

So... That's it. I think.

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