r/movies decides to use an article about how actors of color deserve to be cast in large franchises without being subjected to racist harassment to voice their opinions on the evils of diversity

The whole point of the Finn's character is that he's rebelling against his conditioning. He's one of many child soldiers plucked from his home and conditioned to fight. I don't get why they can't see that? Why do Stormtroopers have to be exactly the same as Nazis? They're so literal, and it's part of why so many on here can't comprehend art and creativity.

Also, the only reason I don't like John Boyega is because of his weak response to The Last Jedi. That movie gave him an actual arc, but he decided to throw Kellie and Rian under the bus because of the stupid culture war driven fan response to it. Total bitch move on his part, especially after everything that came his way for the first one.

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