/r/MurderedByAOC user makes the claim that Vice President Harris will be taking over as president because Biden accidentally said “President Harris” and because Biden fell down while running up stairs. Mods remove any comment pushing back on this.

This thread is a dumpster fire, and the idea that there is a conspiracy to get Biden out is ridiculous. I did see one comment that I thought was quite interesting:

Her [Kamala's] dad is so fucking cool, too. Same with Buttigieg’s dad. Why are all the cool Marxist academics raising evil neoliberal cretins smfh


I think the comfortable children of leftward academics will always turn out that way. They grow up with a cerebralized, detached view of class struggle that turns into a performative wokeness that hides the subconscious desire for the status quo.


Just thought those were some interesting points.

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