r/NBA is a far better subreddit than r/soccer

People may not always love the mods here but their issues seem to be pretty good faith types of things. I haven't seen any sign of clear naked bad faith or anything.

In r/soccer, on the other hand, there was a mod who, while rooting for England during the World Cup, suppressed threads and handed out a lot of bans to quash videos of England trying to score before a reset when a thread about Panama doing the same thing against England had been one of the subs biggest threads a week previously.

The issue got so big, with so many people starting angry threads, that the mods had to start a megathread on the issue which was top of the sub for a day.

The mods (much) later deleted that megathread, and the guy who started the whole kerfuffle is still a mod there.

The whole thing very much reminded me of one of those police departments you sometimes read about where there's a clearly dirty or abusive cop and the other cops not only don't do anything about it, they circle up and protect their own.

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