/r/NoNewNormal takes misinformation to a whole new level and creates a fake pedophilia subreddit.

You made it a very nice conspiracy theory to being with. Trust me, I am already triggering a full blown investigation as to who created ava30 account and when. If admins will want to look at it, I’m very sure it will prove that this was a premeditated attack on NNN by someone. Again, the only one that knew a bit too much about it is you. Oddly after the OP ava30 already burned it all, yet you seem to be able to see and know more than we do from our own logs. I said I can also speculate but fun part is, I can make an effort to find actual evidence and being that to light. Either way, this is under investigation now. We have taken actions on our side and it will continue until we have found the source of this. All in all, your little attempt to lie is failing. You actually helped me to prevent this from happening again. So you help NNN. Thanks buddy.

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